The Top 20 BBQ Grill Trends That Will Change The Way You Grill Forever!

We scoured the internet to find the newest, hottest trends in BBQ and then we brought them together, just for you! Read on for the top trends in BBQ Grilling this season!

Anyone who considers themselves good at BBQ knows that it has fads and fashions just like any other industry… but what are the top BBQ Grill trends? We took a closer look to try and find out!

BBQ Grill trends are how the traditional BBQ managed to evolve into the myriad of options that we have today. Each new trend brings new innovation, and new inventions!

For example: there was a time when people would have laughed at you for cooking with the lid on – but now we know that this action helps cook food more thoroughly. Times change, we learn and the equipment we use is adapted.

BBQ Grill Trend 20: The Dual Fuel Grill

Starting with the more basic of inventions and working our way up; we favor the dual fuel sourced grill as our 20th top BBQ Grill trend.

We don’t just mean combinations of wood and charcoal – we mean the grills that transcend two fuel types that are completely different. This Outdoor BBQ Grill by Backyard Grill runs on both gas and charcoal, so you can add natural smokey flavor to your gas grill, cook with clean gas only or go old-school and cook on the charcoal.

BBQ Grill Trend 19: The Combination Grill and Smoker

There has long since been heated debate in the professional BBQ world as to whether the Smoker or the Grill is a better tool – and now you no longer need to choose between them.

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The recent conjunction of the BBQ and the Smoker allows you to either buy a model that combines both in one; or to add a Smoker box to your existing grill, should there be enough space.

A good example of the combined grill and smoker is the Meco Deluxe 2 in 1. It’s neat, tidy, electric and a natural evolution from the dual fuel models mentioned above. If you don’t want to invest in a whole new grill though, try a Smoker box on for size. If it fits it may be the perfect solution.

BBQ Grill Trend 18: Flavor Pellets

Whereas in the old days we needed to rely on sourcing different woods to get different smoky flavors into our meat – now all we need is to purchase a packet of pellets.

These genius little goodies go in the smoke box to add a sense of wonder and uniqueness every time you grill. Known BBQ brand Traeger run a signature collection that are reliable, but you may also enjoy experimenting with some different combinations of flavor.

BBQ Grill Trend 17: The Laser Heat Thermometer

The Laser Heat Thermometer allows you to read the temperature of your meat while it is on the grill and therefor tell you if it is cooked through to the middle.

Knowing the temperature of your steaks can help you accurately cook to rare/medium/well done levels and a probe is a vital tool in any kitchen… the laser temperature gun doesn’t touch your meat – unlike a normal probe which needs to be cleaned between uses.

This makes it more food safe, as well as helping you burn better!

This model by Holdpeak is a good example. It is battery operated, works using infrared technology and gives high accuracy readings.

BBQ Grill Trend 16: Pink/Peach Paper

Although it has been around for a couple of years; this is one trend that is here to stay. Pink or peach butcher paper has always been used for butchers to wrap their wares in for customers to take home. It is a sort of sealing paper made to keep all the juices of the raw meat inside and contamination free.

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When we apply this to BBQ the heat resistant paper will only char. Sealed inside your pink paper wrapped meat will be all of the juices that it cooks in – similarly to wrapping meat or fish in foil to save the juices when cooking. The difference is that the paper is non-stick, allowing you to keep all the goodness. Traeger make pink paper and it is known to be one of the best varieties. As always, you can also pick it up at Amazon.

BBQ Grill Trend 15: Heat Resistant Gloves

Let’s talk safety now: oven gloves are not only a bit silly looking but they are also cumbersome and restrictive. That being said – BBQ’s burn you if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

If you want to burn safely and look good while doing it then you need to get in on the heat resistant gloves trend and get yourself some good gloves.

We love the style of this pair by Semboh, which are also Amazon best sellers. However, we also like the Rapicca Griller BBQ Waterproof gloves purely because their long sleeve will keep your forearms protected too.

BBQ Grill Trend 14: The Chimney Lighter

A chimney lighter is an instrument we can use to start our charcoal BBQ’s first time. Anyone who has ever tried to light a fire outdoors knows that it can be a tricky affair – and we love the fast-fire trend!

The Chimney starter is a must for those that own a charcoal-only grill and don’t want to buy firelighters on a constant basis. Check out this one by BBQ Dragon as an example of what shape they are. Most good models come in under $30 too, so there really is no excuse not to get in on this trend.

BBQ Grill Trend 13: Portable Grill Racks

This trend sees a portable grill rack attached to either a) your camping gear, or b) attached to the top of your backyard grill to give you an extra rack. This is a massive space saver no matter how you use it.

When taken on camping trips the portable grill rack props up neatly over any campfire, allowing you to cook your meals no matter where you are. When attached to your own big BBQ it will provide extra cooking space.

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The second type of portable grill shelf is handheld and features two handles which unfold like a book. The food is placed on one grill rack and the other is then folded closed on top. Both handles then come together in the hand.

These types of portable grill racks can be used in the same way as a freestanding one – but they can also be used to cook vegetables, kebabs, shrimp and any other small food that might potentially slip through the grill otherwise.

BBQ Grill Trend 12: The Master BBQ Toolbox

Only a master goes to the grill equipped with their own toolbox. A BBQ tool set contains all of the items you could need to effectively work that cooking space.

Now we all know the importance of a good set of tongs – but each individual piece of food has its own required tool to properly prepare it, and accumulating those tools has always been important… what’s new about this trend is that amateur BBQ’ers the world over are imitating the competing professionals and getting their own toolboxes – specifically devoted to the grill!

There are two ways of doing it. You can buy a regular toolbox and fill it with griddle accessories, or you can invest in a BBQ specific model, like this one, by Suck UK.

BBQ Grill Trend 11: The BBQ Grill Light

Sometimes the sun sets while we are still waiting for the coals to cool enough to cook on and we are left cooking by the light of the fire – or by the backyard safety light!

Recent innovations have resulted in some clever companies designing durable, hard wearing and long lasting outside lights suitable for attaching to your grill so that you can see what you are doing.

We like this model by Grill Kindle because it allows both general and task lighting.

BBQ Grill Trend 10: The Rotisserie

Adding a rotisserie function to your grill hasn’t ever really been a possibility until the last few years. It started with the introduction of the rotisserie grill – similar to those used in kebab shops but on a much smaller scale – and has graduated towards the condensed, much smaller rotisserie version that you can add to your own grill.

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There are two different options to adding this to your grill. You can invest in a product like this Rib-O-Lator, or you can invest in the rotisserie pot.

Both will cook your food by rotation, but the Rib-O-Lator requires you to buy a rod and motor if you want it motorized, while the pot is already motorized and therefor may present the cheaper option.

BBQ Grill Trend 9: The Vegetable Basket

2019 sees us all moving towards healthier foods. People want all natural, all organic and sometimes even all vegan BBQ food… don’t let them down. The simple addition of a vegetable grilling basket is all it will take to satisfy everyone.

BBQ Grill Trend 8: Grill Matting

Grill mats protect your surfaces, give you a gripped surface that doesn’t see your meat slide off and prevent you from storing cooked or raw meats on cold steel. They are heavy duty, non-stick, reusable – what’s not to like?

BBQ Grill Trend 7: Spare Tire BBQ Rack

One of our favorite new trends is the ability to go grill it up out in the wild – and nothing else exemplifies this quite like the FrontRunner Spare Tire Mounted BBQ Grate. You truly have to see this to believe it, so head to their page and have a peek.

BBQ Grill Trend 6: Himalayan Salt Block

This is such a neat trend and is a definite favorite of ours. The Himalayan salt resting block allows you to season food without having to cart the salt outside with you.

We all know salt shakers are susceptible to picking up grease and dirt outdoors – so this is a very eloquent solution. This trends sees the pros use a salt resting block for their food. You don’t need to season anything – just cook it and rest it on the block.

The best known maker of Himalayan Salt Blocks for your BBQ are Sur La Table; but for a product you can actually afford see this one.

BBQ Grill Trend 5: The Motorized Grill Brush

We all know how troublesome it is to get the charring off the grill rack. Make it easier on yourself this coming BBQ season and invest in a motorized grill brush. This invention was a stone’s throw on from the old handheld tool… and it makes you look so much cooler…

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We like the Chef Buddy because it is cordless and has an in-built scraper as standard. However, it you are going for cool then the Brookstone might be a better suit…plus it has steam cleaning capabilities!

BBQ Grill Trend 4: Grill Clips

Besides the Portable Grill Rack, Grill Clips are the smaller, more neat and tidy way of keeping your small food secure and stop it from being lost through the rack.

This set from Charcoal Companion are exactly the sort of thing we are talking about. They work like a crocodile clip and securely grip the food so that it doesn’t fall off. Two of these could hold your kebabs in place or each could grip multiple shrimp.

The Grill clip is reasonably new but we predict it is going to take off this year.

BBQ Grill Trends 3: Portable Solar Cooker

Following in the footsteps of our very favorite trend: the belief that BBQ can travel everywhere with you – comes the portable solar cooker. This new piece of kit allows you to cook your food when fire isn’t possible, and when fuel is irretrievable.

We love Sun Ovens International product which does exactly what it says it will… it uses the power of the sun to cook you a meal. As far as fuel consumption goes this is the peak of technology and, although it might not give you the best BBQ taste, it is the very cheapest to run.

This is a trend we expect will gain traction in years to come, especially once they figure out a way to preserve the smokey flavor of BBQ.

BBQ Grill Trend 2: The Propane Gauge

What could be better than knowing when your fuel is about to run out and being able to stock up in advance rather than ruining the party?

While you can buy cheaper models of this such as the DozyAnt model the newest trend sees wireless monitoring and digital displays, like this model, from Tank Utility, which connects through your Smartphone via app.

BBQ Grill Trend 1: Grillbot!

If you thought the motorized grill brush made life easier then meet the advanced model… Grillbot. This little guy is a Roomba for your grill. You set it up, switch it on and it goes to work. You might never need to pick up another scrubbing brush again!

Given that we are living in the middle of a digital revolution we think the Grillbot is going to take off in the coming years.

And that concludes our list of the top 20 BBQ trends so far. Remember and check in with us for next year’s trends!

The Top 20 BBQ Grill Trends That Will Change The Way You Grill Forever!

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