BBQ Grill Accessories – Spotting The Best For You!

For those of us who aren’t masters of the grill – where do we turn for advice on BBQ Grill accessories? You have stumbled upon the correct place! Read on for all you ever wanted to know about BBQ accessories!

Barbecuing obviously involves knowledge of the basics. For instance; you require a grill and a fuel source – but what else do you really need? Have you considered where you would buy tongs? What about an apron? Do you even know what a vaporizer bar is, yet?

Don’t worry, we are here to help you through the process and turn you into a BBQ pro!

What BBQ Accessories Will I Need?

There are so many more grilling accessories out there than you think – BBQ is almost a professional sport!

There are accessories for things you never even thought of before: want to keep a Kebab securely together while it cooks? You need a kebab grill holder. Want to season your food without adding salt that needs to be scrubbed up after? You need a Himalayan salt resting board. The list goes on and on…

Because there are so many Grill Accessories available on the market, we have attempted to classify them into the following categories:

  • BBQ Accessories You Cannot Grill Without
  • What BBQ Accessories Make Grilling More Satisfying
  • Luxurious BBQ Accessories

BBQ Accessories You Cannot Grill Without!

In the old days, top of the list here would be tongs – but we like to operate on a safety first basis and that means protecting your hands.

Again; back in the old days this would mean going barehanded or borrowing a pair of oven mitts but nowadays you can be fire safe with just about the coolest ranges of grilling gloves out there.

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Business Insider recommends the Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Extra Long Suede Grill Gloves as their number one choice. While we like the idea of protecting both the hands and forearms – and we also love the soft suede finish – we prefer our gloves to be a little more heat resistant.

To that end we turned to the Grill Heat Aid range and their Extreme Heat Resistant gloves. They are fully insulated, made from Aramid Fiber, silicone lined and come in at a very similar price.

Pro Tip: If you want to stay safe when handling hot coals some professional grillers recommend a pair of welding gloves as a cheap alternative. We don’t argue with the pro’s here!


Tongs are more complex than you would think. Certain models have a decorative finish or a theme to them but we caution about buying these.

When selecting a good set of tongs, ensure that there is no groove down the inside of the metal. A groove running towards your hands will filter grease and hot oil onto your fingers if you are holding them upwards. This can cause burning if you haven’t got your gloves on!

A good set of tongs will have a wooden or plastic grip – professionals favor plastic because wood stores germs more easily. Tongs with a scooped end on one side are particularly useful for turning flat items.

Length is also to be taken into consideration. The closer your hands are to the grill the more likely you are to get burned.

We like this Dragonn Premium set of 2 tongs for both their shape and their grip; but they are lacking a scooped end. The plastic handle is in the right place to protect your hands and they are a good price for a set of two. They are also one of Amazon’s best sellers with solid reviews.

For the purposes of scooping, longevity and durability we love the Grill Beast BBQ Grill Tongs. The downside is that they are a little more expensive and come with a wooden grip which will eventually crack and split.

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Pro Tip: Buy your tongs from a catering supplier instead of in the local market. Catering suppliers build their tongs to withstand the wear and tear of a professional kitchen – so they have durability most tongs just don’t have.

Portable Grill Rack

When you have one of these you can potentially change any open flame into a BBQ. All you need to do is flip the rack open, place your food inside, and then flip the rack closed so that both handles are together. Once this is done you can safely flip and grill over even an open campfire.

The Portable grill rack can also be used with home grilling small food items like shrimp, diced chicken breast and thinner meats like stripped minute steak. These items have a tendency to fall through the grill and onto the coals and the grill rack prevents this.

Our favorite portable grilling rack is this Grilling Basket from Mmtong. FDA approved for food use, stainless steel, dishwasher safe, rust proof – and a safe dual plastic grip on the handle to stop your hands burning.

However, if you want the kind of portable grill rack that you can leave over your campfire unattended (or use as an extra shelf for your backyard grill) then check out the Amazon Basics Campfire Grill. It is well made, sturdy steel and easy enough to add to your camping gear to grill on the road.

Pro Tip: A good sharp knife, some tongs and a portable grill set are all you really need to BBQ anywhere you like – as long as you have a flame. An apron is recommended to keep your clothing safe and other tools are useful, but a good griller can turn a campfire into an outdoor feast with the use of only a portable grill.

What BBQ Accessories Make Grilling More Satisfying?

There are a number of available products that you don’t necessarily need for grilling, but that will serve to make the whole meal more pleasant (and make your job easier to boot). We listed some of them below.

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Other Tool Sets

For those that want to go pro and start out with a full set of tools, merchants devised the BBQ grilling tool set. These sets include things like fish slices, a set of tongs, the correct meat knives and other assorted goodies.

The best quality and value for money we have seen in grill tools, was the ROMANTICIST 21pc BBQ Grill Accessories Set with Thermometer. So far it has solid reviews and is Amazon’s Choice. It includes a spatula, fork, tongs, knife, basting brush, grill brush, extra brush head, 8 corn holders, 4 skewers and digital meat thermometer – basically everything you need.

For those that are dedicated to the cause the Alpha Grillers Heavy Duty set is another one that caught our eye. It is highly durable extra thick stainless steel but it is only a four piece set for a similar price.

Meat Thermometer

While there is nothing wrong with a good old fashioned meat thermometer like this Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer – times are changing. The most advanced meat thermometers are now wireless…

That being said there is something reliable and worthy to the Read Meat. It comes with a three year warranty and it has all the settings you need; alongside the added benefits of being battery operated.

However, modern food practice advises that you do not use the same thermometer across different cooked foods as this spreads risk of cross-contamination.

Get some probe wipes to wipe it down between uses or get yourself one of these: the Rhinoco Digital Laser Temperature Gun. This has no probe.

You point it at the meat, a little red laser shoots out and detects the temperature of the meat and you don’t need to touch anything with it. No wipes needed… it’s what the pro’s are using.

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If you are out barbecuing under the sun in summer then a cooler is a must – particularly on camping trips or if you intend to leave early in the day and eat later.

Not just necessary for beer; a good cooler will keep your meat at a safe temperature until it is ready to consume. Any meat over 5 or 6 degrees may well spoil – so for long trips a cooler is vital.

If you are on the go and camping, then we like the Zuzoro Insulated Lunch Bag for its innovative use of space. You should be able to get a lot of different meat types in there and easily transport them safely.

For those trying to trek lots of food over a long distance, check out this wheeled cooler box: The Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler. And for those that just want a good cooler for their backyard, try the Coleman 16 Quart for reliably good value for money.


OK, so they might not be the coolest thing in fashion, but they do keep you safe from sparking charcoal and popping wood.

The best aprons are heat resistant while still being safe to be in contact with food. Although safety is a consideration, many use their apron to state their dominance of BBQ. Check out this one by Bang Tidy clothing, for example, or this one by Grilliacs.

If you genuinely want a safe apron then we recommend the Hudson. It is tough, durable, long lasting and water resistant. It has metal pins holding it together, pockets, and everything you need to get your grill on safely – while still looking rugged.

Stock Pots

A good pot set is a necessary tool in any kitchen – even backyard ones. If you want to make sides on your Barbie, then you need to have some good pots.

Pros will tell you to go for non-stick coatings and choose thickened enamel pots or to stick to copper bottomed pans. Don’t waste your time with the lightweight stuff, it won’t last longer that a few uses.

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If you just want something a little more basic but that still gets the job done, then try the Granite Wear for less price.

Luxurious BBQ Accessories

There are some touches that just add the final love to the BBQ experience. They turn it from a happy occasion to a joyous feast. We researched the best of them to give you a few options.

The BBQ Plank

That Himalayan Salt Resting Board we talked about earlier? You can find it here for less than the price of a good set of gloves. It just makes the added touch so special by seasoning any food you put on it.

Your job is easier, it looks fantastic and guests will be super impressed. You can buy one on Amazon courtesy of Zenware.

Smoker Attachments

If you own an electric or a gas furnace BBQ grill then you might want to add something in to get that smoky flavor. We like this Grill Smoker Box by Mountain Grillers. Simply place it in your grill and start cooking. It will give out enough smoke to put the juicy flavor back into your meat.


Some call them Vaporizer Bars, others call them flavorings – whatever you call them, they are used to add taste to your meat.

Flavor enhancers come in all different varieties and often involve you wrapping the food in strips of paper flavored with differing wood scents. We like this range from Uncommon Goods.

Kebab Grill Racks

To secure your food and make kebab’s easier we recommend this from BearMoo. It is made from full stainless steel and will last a lifetime.

Summing it All Up!

There are so many BBQ accessories available today that we haven’t even scratched the surface with this article – although we think we have given you a fair impression of what sorts of things are on offer.

Among other tools you might need you will find basting brushes that are heat resistant, tote bags for cooled items, gauntlets to protect your arms, non-stick rib racks and all sorts of other goodies.

If you want to know more about BBQ then you have come to the right place! Simply browse our range of articles and find out all you need to know – but don’t forget to recommend us to your friends and share this if you think it will help others.

BBQ Grill Accessories – Spotting The Best For You!

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