How To Build Your Own Cool Barbeque Grill At Home

The Barbeque, the quintessential outdoor hang out spot for cooking up amazing food and bringing people together for impromptu or thoughtful moments of connection and fun.

A barbeque grill offers a unique perspective on the dining experience for all who participate in it, whether hands on by being the person preparing the food or assisting, or casually by hanging in the background, soaking in the atmosphere.

Types of foods offered can be varied from grilled vegetables to steaks and potatoes and practically anything else you can think of these days.

Grilling has changed over the years since it’s humble beginning as a requirement for survival in our pioneering days of our ancestors who cooked from the hunt as a means for survival for themselves and their families or village clan.

Back in those days it was a lengthy process that was as integral as getting up in the morning and breathing, you want to survive, you must eat, you want to eat, you cook and before indoor means primitive grilling was the way to go.

Today however, the feel behind grilling hasn’t changed as food and connections have always been blended together within communities. We might not have a clan we commune with, or maybe we do, none the less the grilling is the same – connections to be had over food while being within nature.

A tremendous amount of people these days can construct that primitive fire we might use while camping, a simple circle of stones enclosing a small dug in pit, sticks and logs placed inside, to create a primitive fire similar to our ancestors.

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In our modern world today though, our backyards might already boast a fire pit for beauty and coziness and a barbeque for grilling.

For those people who are DIY or looking for an awesome project to take on, bringing beauty and functionality to their or another person’s backyard, below you will find some handy information that will help you answer some of your most pressing questions with regards to building an amazing backyard grill that will have the neighbors in awe, begging for your knowledge.

Where do I start when planning the construction of a grill?

Any building project we perform inside or outside of our home always starts with a good foundation, without this, the structure of the project can be shaky.

Once you have decided where you are going to build your grill you need to decide what type, charcoal or gas.

  • Gas offers control with regards to how much heat the grill receives and can have many more accessories such as a rotisserie or side burners.
  • Charcoal can offer the same advantages but with a bit more difficulty in acquiring the necessary items. Charcoal has the advantage of more distinctive flavor and atmosphere as well.
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Thoughtful planning in this decision is important. Where you place your grill is equally important, you don’t want it to close to existing structures or areas that may cause a fire hazard, avoid trees, decks and other fire hazards.

Should I have Electricity, Water, Lighting And Storage Close By?

Electricity is always an important part of your grilling area even if you chose charcoal over gas. Accessories that you might need will benefit from electricity, not to mention no extension cords for people to trip over. Make sure electrical supplies are rated for outdoor use.

Water is a time saver in the form of a sink close by to make your grilling more efficient, consider the area you live in for freezing temperatures prior to installing water, consulting with the local hardware store first.

Cookouts regularly run into the evening or later hours where lighting is a necessary part of the atmosphere of your gathering as well as making your grilling experience easier with the proper lighting accessories.

As with any good kitchen, storage space is a must for storing tools and accessories that may be used, the more the better in making your grilling time more enjoyable, the easier it is for you the more you can enjoy the party.

Should I Set A Budget For Constructing My Grill?

Having a budget is always important when performing any type of building project.

This assists in saving you money but also offers the opportunity the use your DIY skills to find other means or resources to get the job done, allowing for creativity.

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When you factor in the materials of wood, cement, wire, bricks, plumbing, lighting accessories and all the other expenses it can easily get out of hand if you don’t set a realistic limit.

What Types Of Materials Should I Use?

A grill is a fire, so fireproof or fire safe materials are the most important components of your structure.

You will also need sturdy steel supports for your grill. The grill head itself should remain removable for repairs or problems that might arise during its life.

Figuring out a catchall for the dripping under the grill that come from the food you cook is important for the protection of the structure below as well.

  • If you have chosen a gas grill you will need to consult with your local gas company to have a line installed or carried from your home’s indoor gas out to the grill area. This will be performed by your local gas company.
  • If charcoal is your choice, firebricks need to be installed and line the area with the heat intensity, 2 layers block the heat from escaping and provide insulation quality to the grill. This should include the mounts and rack of metal for the grill itself, providing structure and sturdiness to the finished product.

If you want to have control over the head and cooking intensity for your food, a crank driven metal adjustment will work wonders but must be planned in prior to beginning construction.

A ceramic coated grill insert is probably one of the most expensive but necessary parts of your grill. By going with ceramic, you are preventing the rusting of your insert, but at an added cost since it is more expensive than a typical insert.

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It helps keep the grill strong and long lasting from changing weather conditions. If you are unable to take on the more expensive endeavors just realize that in possibly 1 to 2 years you will have to replace the grill insert.

When selecting brick, you can check with your home supply center to see if they possibly have specialized bricks offered for the particular type of project. Quality and functionality over price is always best for the durability and strength of the grill.

What Design Structure Should I Use?

Typically, you will want to use the U-shaped type grill structure which is open at the top and front.

Once you have chosen your grill head type than you want to call the manufacturer who can give you the specifications you will need the for the structure that is to surround it, factoring in any accessories you want, you can then measure outwards to come up with the final structural dimensions and shape you want and need.

For a charcoal grill you will need to do more customization. When it comes to charcoal grills, there is not much of a choice regarding inserts. Depending on accessories and if you are having a custom design made, you will need to plan the unit itself prior to the enclosure design.

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The most primitive designs need 2 grates, one to hold the charcoal and the other the food. Airflow is very important. Lastly a fireproof catchall for ash is necessary.

A fantastic quality to a charcoal grill is that it can also be used as a fireplace when not cooking food, providing atmosphere and ambiance to those who don’t already have a fire pit.

Proper construction of an outdoor grill takes thoughtful planning, budgeting, accessing and shopping. A great deal of the work necessary to construct a grill that can be enjoyed many years to come starts prior to the actual building of the product itself, like your typical building project.

The more work you do prior to the job, the more studying, thoughtful decision making, consulting with trained individuals and rechecking, the less likely it will be that you will run into a snag or situation with your project.

As DIYer’s we always have the capability to accomplish almost anything we set our minds to. Taking the necessary steps in preparation, evaluating before we begin the actual physical work of the project can create a smooth flow to the process itself.

Most importantly, have fun with this project!

Create a unique design that will inspire and intrigue you and your guests for year to come. Every project is a chance to grow, this being no different.  Before long, you will be building decks, putting vinyl siding on your own home and designing an addition to your beautiful home.

Greatness comes in small steps but not without a few stumbles and near misses in the process.

How To Build Your Own Cool Barbeque Grill At Home

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