Summertime wouldn’t be complete without gathering the whole family in the backyard for a nice barbecue. Something, we believe is only perfected by the addition of some of the best BBQ grill accessories available.

What Should You Consider When Shopping For Your BBQ Accessories?

When we say accessories, we mean everything from a good set of tongs to the much sought after Himalayan Salt Block (click to check current price on Amazon).

The most important thing to think about before you buy is if the accessory in question is going to accentuate your BBQ experience. In the case of a high quality basting brush the answer is almost always “yes”. When it comes to aprons sporting radical claims to be the best griller in town however – it becomes a different story!

Price is always something to think about. Better quality items tend to be more expensive, but if you can find something similar at a lesser price that comes with a guarantee or warranty then we say go for it!

Some accessories are essential, such as tongs, meat claws, a good sharp knife and a set of kebab skewers. Other accessories are not so vital, but will take your BBQ to the next level. In the world of BBQ accessories the more you spend, the more jealous your neighbors will be…

About Our Top BBQ Accessories!

Have a look at the best BBQ accessories and see if maybe something matches what you are looking for.

We looked at customer reviews, prices, star ratings, quality and branding in order to find you our top picks – and if there is one thing we do well here at BBQ Chiefs – it’s grill! Hopefully our top picks will be exactly what you need to up your game and make your BBQs events to remember!

Top Ten Best BBQ Grill Accessories To Make Your Grilling Sensational!

We want everyone to have the best BBQ experience they possibly can this year – and every year! So we put together a list of our favorite BBQ accessories to help you make the most of BBQ season! Read on for our top ten accessories that will change the way you grill, possibly forever!

Best BBQ Accessory Number 10: A Good Set of Tongs

Best BBQ Grill Accessories

Tongs are important. Not only do they flip the meat in a nice, smooth motion, they also stop you burning your fingers off. A good set of tongs is an absolute must have. Things to think about when buying BBQ tongs are length (they need to be long enough to put some distance between you and the grill, especially if you don’t wear heat resistant gloves), materials and durability.

As a general rule: keep away from plastic ‘teeth’ for obvious reasons. Plastic handles can also get hot but they get a lot less hot than metal handled tongs. Wooden handles give the best heat resistance but wood soaks up bacteria and are not used in pro kitchens.

Our top choice for the wooden handled tong is this Grillhogs model. They have a good name in BBQ accessories and come at a good length with good grip.

For plastic handles we quite like the KingTong (click here to check the current price on Amazon) model. We aren’t terribly familiar with the brand but the reviews are excellent. and they come at an affordable price, with a lifetime warranty and with 17 inches of distance between your fingers and the grill plate.

Those who prefer all chrome should check out this interesting tong set from Househoo. These are designed to let excess grease drip through the holes when flipping. Just make sure it doesn’t run onto your fingers or hands!

Best BBQ Accessory Number 9: Basting Brush Heaven

Unlike tongs, plastic basting brushes are actually quite common – and with good reason. When you use a basting brush repetitively the bristles start to fall out. For this reason many catering companies have switched out the old fashioned, wooden handled brushes all together.

As we mentioned above: the wood tends to soak up bacteria. So that brush you keep in your cupboard for egg wash might just need a trip to the bin. Get yourself one of our recommendations instead!

For the Best BBQ Basting Brush we suggest the OXO Good Grip. It’s silicone and heat resistant, has a good thick brush part and doesn’t clump together. That being said if you like to keep your heat high then you will want a brush with a longer handle. For that we love this stainless steel and silicone 2 piece set from Hulless.

Best BBQ Accessory Number 8: Illuminate That Grill!

BBQ lights were all the rage at the tail end of last season – and with good reason. When the sun has gone down but the party isn’t over yet, or if you want to cook up a feast after dark – you shouldn’t need to rely on the light from the charcoal to cook with. Invest in a BBQ grill light and you can cook all night long… provided your neighbors don’t mind, of course. Just invite them… it’ll be fine.

We like the clip on models but this one from Fireor (click here to check the current price on Amazon) is a little more innovative with it’s magnetic base. It ought to sit on top of any grill and even comes with batteries included when you order. If you want to go out all guns blazing and really upset those neighbors: check out this ultra-bright, rotating model from Kohree (click here to check the current price on Amazon).

Best BBQ Grill Accessory Number 7: The Smoke Box.

The smoke box is an integral part of taking your BBQ to the next level. Without it, an electric grill is simply just a grill. A gas grill is simply a highly fueled hot box. And a charcoal grill will never taste of anything other than charcoal.

A smoke box fits into most grills, around the charcoal or on the rack as per instruction. You fill it with flavored wood chips or pellets and the smokey goodness saturates into your food, making everything taste divine.

The Cave Tools Smoker Box (click here to check the current price on Amazon) is long and thin, as well as durable and with a hinged lid. It has been made to fit comfortable in the bottom of most grills. Those with smaller BBQ grills and a little less space might prefer the Char-Broil cast iron version. They are a solid brand in BBQ and have designed this product to work with most grills.

Best BBQ Grill Accessory Number 6: Flavored Wood

Mesquite wood chips
Mesquite flavored wood chips.

There is a huge debate in the world of professional grillers about which wood smoke best suits which meat. But now that you have a smoke box you will be able to start experimenting with wood flavors all on your very own! Different types of wood have different flavors and these can be used to accentuate a meat, a sauce or even a side. All you need is a variety of different woods to get you going.

Check out this range from BBQrs delight (click here to check the current price on Amazon) to get you started but be warned – it could turn into a very expensive hobby!

Best BBQ Grill Accessory Number 5: The Meat Thermometer

The meat thermometer is an absolute necessity. If you do not want to undercook or overcook a steak you need a meat thermometer. If you do not want to make yourself sick cooking poultry then you need a meat thermometer. Basically you just need one – full stop.

We love the non-contact models as they minimize bacterial spread between meats.

This non-contact, laser infrared model from HoldPeak (click here to check the current price on Amazon) is a good example of a useful meat thermometer. However, if you stand by the old fashioned, probe models then this one from Thermopro works like a charme. Just make sure you invest in some probe wipes (click here to check the current price on Amazon) to use between readings.

Best BBQ Grill Accessory Number 4: The Grill Brush

Cleaning a Gas Grill with a Brush
Must have: good grill brush.

If you don’t want to spend as much time cleaning as you do cooking then the best way to get the dirt off the grill is immediately after use. Soaking can work, so can strong de-greaser and detergent. But a good grill brush will go a long way to improving your cooking. And having you spend less time cleaning up.

They tend to come in two varieties; motorized and regular.

For regular we recommend this highly rated model from Rondo (click here to check the current price on Amazon). It comes with serious good reviews and a pretty solid design that should make the job easier. For motorized have a look at the Brookstone (click here to check the current price on Amazon), although none of them tend to score as highly as the Rondo does.

Best BBQ Accessory Number 3: Heat Resistant Gloves

BBQ Gloves
Nice to have… heat resistant gloves.

Here at Grill Chiefs we like to take safety into consideration – but beyond that there are a few sets of gloves that come with thrown in features and other accessories you might need. This set from the AMZ BBQ Club (click here to check the current price on Amazon)contains a pair of meat claws which will come in handy if you are moving big cuts around, and a thermometer to help you get started on your grilling adventure.

Gloves come in all shapes and sizes. These long sleeved, suede effect gloves from G & F (click here to check the current price on Amazon) were popular at the end of last season.

They protect your forearms as well as your fingers. A good set of gloves can really help you out in a pinch. Cooking gets hard when you burn yourself…

Best BBQ Accessory Number 2: The Himalayan Salt Block

One of our all time favorites here at BBQ Chiefs, the Himalayan Salt Block adds a touch of class to your BBQ and also serves a real purpose. You can cook actually on it, by placing it on the grill plate, or you can cook your meat and then rest it on the block for a minute or two before you slice it.

We would always recommend that you season any meat you grill – even fish – with a five parts salt to one part pepper mix. When you use the salt block you can skip this step and just add a touch of pepper for taste.

We like this one, from Camerons (click here to check the current price on Amazon), because it’s small enough to go on the grill plate. For a bigger product see this one from Zenware (click here to check the current price on Amazon).

Best BBQ Accessory Number 1: The Grill Set

A good grill set will contain 85% of the accessories you could ever think of needing – with the exception of four or five items on our list. Expect a good set to include your tongs, basting brush and thermometer as the basics. Then add to that a fish slice, some meat clips, the odd kebab skewer and potentially two or three other useful tools.

We love this set from Romanticist (click here to check the current price on Amazon) as it even comes in a neat little case to make you really look like you know what you are doing. This Fylina (click here to check the current price on Amazon) set is relatively nice, too, but the crew at Cuisinart have a few others to choose from and tend to lead the way here.

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