So you have bought your perfect BBQ Grill, you are greased up, basted up, fueled up and good to go. But wait! Something is missing!

What could it possibly be? Any one of our fabulous recommendations on the best BBQ gadgets, of course!

What To Consider When Shopping for BBQ Gadgets?

Gadgets are often considered unnecessary – but wait until you have been scrubbing carbon from your grill plate for an hour and getting nowhere before you make that judgment for yourself.

With the right gadget (the Motorized BBQ Brush, for example) that grill plate could take you ten minutes, instead. And you and your family could use the extra time chowing down instead of cleaning up!

Gadgets can save you time, money, effort and energy. And that’s why they are so important in the world of BBQ. Besides anything else, you look pretty danged cool with fire-proof gloves and the latest set of tongs. But on a serious note BBQ gadgets can make your whole experience so much simpler, smoother, and more successful.

What should you think about before you buy? Consider prices you are willing to pay, think about warranties and guarantees and always read the customer reviews before you commit to purchase.

It is always a good idea to consider the longevity of the item you buy, as well as the brand’s reputation for quality and durability. There is no point spending money on a new gadget that will break after the second use. Be sensible, follow our guidelines and you can’t possibly go wrong!

About Our Best BBQ Gadgets!

All of our tops choices in BBQ gadgetry have been picked for their innovation, their usefulness and because in some instances, once used you will struggle to imagine how you managed before you bought it. Gadgets can change the way you grill – both for the better and for the worse. But follow our advice and the top BBQ gadgets of the year could be little more than a click away…

The Top 10 Best BBQ Gadgets To Take Your Grill Skills To The Next Level

Some of us hear the word “gadgets” and think of useless trinkets bound to break from the get-go. But we have news for you! Some of our top 10 best BBQ gadgets are not only affordable and reliable. They are essential for raising your BBQ game and taking your grill skills to the next level!

With that in mind we put together a list of our top ten best BBQ gadgets to get your season sorted, this summer. Read on to find out how to turn yourself from BBQ Amateur to BBQ Pro with the air of a few tricks and a little gadgetry…

Our Top 10 Best BBQ Gadgets For This Season

Best BBQ Gadget Number 10: The Vegetable Basket

This might sound like a bit of an obvious one. But not all grills come with a place where you can reliably cook your sides without them falling into the charcoal. A good grill basket isn’t just for vegetables either, it can contain your shrimp, any diced meats and can even have fish placed in the bottom to suspend and smoke slowly.

When you have a good grill basket you stop limiting yourself just to meat. Ever enjoyed the smokey sensation of barbecued beans? This Grillaholics Grill Basket (click to check current price on Amazon) will make sides easier to cook, whereas the Weber Deluxe (click to check current price on Amazon) gives the option of both a sealed basket, and a wire basket which can be placed inside each other.

We particularly love this product since Weber are arguably the biggest brand in BBQ. It’s highly versatile, just expect to pay a little more for it.

Best BBQ Gadget Number 9: The Kebab Grill Rack

The kebab grill rack is the ultimate way to easily cook kebabs on your grill without anything falling between the bars. Traditionally these will come with a set of matching skewers and the idea is that you prepare the kebabs as normal before lining them up easily on the rack to cook. With all of the handles aligned outwards to face you they can easily be turned around as they cook, making for simple kebab success every time.

This Steven Raichlen Grill Rack (click to check current price on Amazon) is a good example of a solid model with a good price. However, if you are looking for the ultimate in BBQ gadgets then our absolute favorite is this five-in-one grilling aid from BBQ Aid (click to check current price on Amazon).

It might have a high price tag but it is a kebab rack, a smoker box, a beer can chicken roaster, a jalapeno rack and a straight up skewer set. We think we might be in love…

Best BBQ Gadget Number 8: The Portable Grill Rack

With a portable grill rack you don’t even need a BBQ grill to BBQ with! This handy little gadget is perfect for turning any campfire into an instant barbecue. Simply build up the fire, let the wood turn to charcoal and pop this little rack on top.

There are two different types of portable grill rack. One comes with a stand and sets up right atop the fire, and the other is an enclosed ‘cage’ whose handles clasp together to keep the food inside safe from falling through your grill rack. Both are handy, but the second type is a little more versatile since you can also use it on a normal grill.

For those that set up atop your campfire check out this product, by NASHRIO (click to check current price on Amazon). It’s sturdy, easy to set up and all folds away into the little carry tube. This model is great for camping.

On the other hand this BBQ WINJ (click to check current price on Amazon) folding basket can be used in the wilderness or on your home BBQ. Both come in at a good price and both are worth the money.

Best BBQ Gadget Number 7: The Corn Holder

Corn on the cob is without doubt the messiest food to grill. But basted with butter and sprinkled with salt and pepper there is literally no better BBQ taste. BBQ corn is so good that you will find it being sold by street vendors all over the globe. And corn on the cob holders make it much easier to both cook and eat.

The idea is that you insert either one or both ends of your cob with these pointed handles. They will grip onto the corn and make it easier to hold without getting that delicious butter all over your fingers –  a common complaint at any BBQ party. With the Corn Holder gadget all you need to do is stab and serve. Simple.

Of course Weber have the ultimate corn holder set (click to check current price on Amazon). Any others are just lesser by comparison. They have nylon grips, thumb grooves, a storage case and the ability to protect little fingers from hot corn. What more could you ask for?

Best BBQ Gadget Number 6: The Meat Claw

So if you want to look like you really know what you are doing, plus be the star of your own BBQ party, the meat claw is almost an essential tool. Why would you use your fingers to slap that slab of meat onto the grill when you could do it Wolverine-style? The meat claw is the ultimate way to make your mates eyes water with jealousy before they rush off to buy their own!

This chrome set from reputable suppliers Mountain Grillers (click to check current price on Amazon) are stainless steel and able to shred and cut meat, as well as move it around. Beware of plastic models that say they can cut meat, generally speaking this won’t be true.

Best BBQ Gadget Number 5: The Grill Scraper

With every year that passes we are becoming more and more environmentally conscious; and a big movement has been going on towards replacing plastic in the handles and bristles of brushes. So this year, instead of using your old wire brush to clean your grill, try a specially shaped grill scraper which will lift that blackened carbon right off.

P.S. It’s much more fun that using a brush.

Try this Grate Grill Scraper (click to check current price on Amazon) from The Sage Owl. It’s a more environmentally friendly alternative to using up brush after brush as the grill rack turns it black. Notice the shape? It’s not like any normal scraper you’ve ever seen because it has been ergonomically designed to work with the shape of any grill.

Best BBQ Gadget Number 4: The Meat Tenderizer

In the past, the ‘correct’ way to tenderize meat is with a specially shaped mallet. You may have seen one of these old fashioned hammer-type devices. They tend to be flat on one side and jagged on the other. The mallet is then battered repeatedly into the meat to make it tender and flaky once cooked.

The mallet side can also be used to flatten out thin cuts of meats into very fine strips for faster cooking or for specialty dishes. The jagged end is better for getting into the sinew of particularly tough cuts.

At any rate the days of the wooden mallet are gone, to be replaced with a BBQ gadget that is much, much cooler. Check out this stainless steel 48-needle Meat Tenderizer (click to check current price on Amazon). It’s a great gadget, just keep it out of the reach of children…

Best BBQ Gadget Number 3: The Copper Grill Mat

So non-stick grill mats have been around for a while – but someone only went and made the idea even better by casting them in copper. Copper is naturally anti-bacterial and has anti-microbial qualities, which is a large part of the reason that a professional chef will usually have his own set of copper pans. Ayurvedic medicine has it that copper has healing qualities – but forget all that and focus on the flavor.

A copper mat is non stick. You place it on your grill rack and it evenly distributes the heat around the meat. It catches grease, stops food falling through the rack, is reusable (unlike the previous versions of the grill mat) and wipes clean when you are done.

When it comes to grill mats we are not sure they can make them any better. Have a look at these extra long Copper Mats from MiTBA (click to check current price on Amazon) which come with a healthy dose of positive reviews.

Best BBQ Gadget Number 2: The Steak Brand

BBQ Branding Iron
Fun little gadget for BBQ parties!

This is exactly what it sounds like. It’s fairly new on the scene which is why you don’t have one yet – but it involves branding your meat with whatever odd little message you feel like. The brand looks like a steel for sharpening a knife. It has a wooden handle and the end culminates in a steel plate featuring a slide-in letter system.

You stick the letters you want in the end and then put the top end into the coals. Once it’s hot you can brand whatever message you like onto your meat.

OK… So it’s a complete novelty… but we think that it has the potential to replace the standard joke apron if used correctly. Watch out for this in the coming seasons and maybe head on over and pick one up like this one (click to check current price on Amazon)… It’s just so fun!

Best BBQ Gadget Number 1: The Grillbot!

This is just about our favorite thing to come out of last years BBQ season and we predict this to be the best BBQ gadget this coming year. The Grillbot is like a tiny little Roomba but for your BBQ. Gone are the days of scrubbing with a wire brush – with the Grillbot even the scraper goes out of the window. Set up this little guy and watch him go!

The Grillbot cleans your grill with a series of robotic brass brushes that are durable, strong and safe; as well as replaceable. You can pick one up at Amazon (click here to check the current price) – we think that the future is going to be filled with different variants of this device.

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