The Best Food Ideas For A BBQ Party For Large Groups

Having something as simple as a barbeque party can be an exhilarating experience. Throwing it for a large number of people doubly so. But what food to serve? But don’t worry. Because here are some of the best food ideas for you if you’re throwing a BBQ party for large groups.

There is no better way to spend some quality time with your friends, relatives and family friend than by throwing a barbeque party. It’s a tradition that is rightly valued by millions of people.

There is something primal and fun in providing people you care about with large quantity of meat.

But as with any event featuring a large number of people, organizing everything can become a hustle. And there is a lot of organizing to do if you want your BBQ party to go without any hiccups. Tasks range from making a list of people you are going to invite, to stocking up enough food for everyone.

To make sure that everything goes according to the plan, we have organized a list of advice and tips that will help you arrange a barbeque of your lifetime. Just follow these tips and your guest are sure to proclaim you a king of BBQ!

Know Your Budget Before Planning Your BBQ Party

First things first, before you start planning on your menu or even how many guests you are going to invite, let’s consider your budget. And if you are planning to finance a BBQ party for a large number of people, it will cost you some.

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Even if you decide to go with a bare acceptable minimum, you will still take a serious hit on your pocket. And you can get away with it if you arrange barbeque for a small, close circle of your friends and family. But, if you are planning to host an event for more people, it would be prudent to ask your guests to provide an “entry fee”.

This is a pretty common practice and nothing to be ashamed of. After all, you are providing an opportunity for everyone to have a good time.

If you are planning to have alcoholic beverages at your barbeque then you have to at least ask them to provide their own drink. This will lift up budgetary constraints and you will be given much more freedom to provide the best experience for everyone.

What Foods Should I Offer A Large BBQ Party?

There is a wide variety of dishes appropriate for barbeques. Most of them are affordable and are easy to cook, provided that you have the right equipment. This mostly concerns having a proper grill.

Making the choice what type of meat and side dishes you will be serving depends on two factors: budget and culinary preferences. After all, as your barbeque is going to involve a large number of people, it is good to know beforehand what their preferences are. You might go crazy for some sausages and coleslaw, but you should understand that people have different tastes.

And while you will never be able to satisfy all of them, it is a good idea to ask your guests what they prefer. This is of course if you don’t know already.

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You can just ask for preferences, when you will be making calls, or sending an email with invitations. You obviously don’t have to cater to all of them, but if you find out that 60 per cent of your guest would love some burgers, it would be prudent to take that into considerations. It would also be a nice touch to ask your guests beforehand if they have some allergies which prevent them from enjoying certain foods.

What Are The Best Main Dishes For A BBQ Party?

Let’s get into the most important part of every barbeque – MEAT! For some people, this is the sole reason to attend a barbeque. And there is something about the smell of meat roasting on a grill, which drives people mad with desire.

Hamburgers, hotdogs, ribs, pork shoulders, skewers, chicken breasts or even salmon fillet. These are classical choices, which you cannot go wrong with. Some are more expensive then others, some are easier to make. So the choice depends on a) which you can afford b) which do you and your guest like the most c) how much time and energy do you have to prepare them.

Now let’s take a look for some dishes that go beyond the most simple barbeque recipes and will please and surprise your guests.

  • A pizza, for example, one of the most popular dishes in the world, but not the first thing that comes to mind when speaking for a barbeque. But it totally should; melted cheese with fresh grilled vegetables are a thing of dreams. Guests can go for their own choice of vegetables and mushrooms. There are tons of recipes available online. All of them are simple to make and offer a high degree of flexibility.
  • And if you are looking for something over the top and eccentric and are not terrified about the idea of pineapple on pizza, we might have something for you – Swineapple! This will shock a more traditional barbeque going crowds, but if you are looking for the “WOW” effect, you cannot go wrong with this choice. It is exactly what it sounds like. A pineapple with pork ribs stuck inside of it and bacon weaved around the fruit. The smell it produces is something out of the world and taste is not further behind. If you want your barbeque remembered for time to come, go with Swineapple!
  • If you are not that eccentric and want to provide something classical, but with a twist, you can go for Korean style steak. This beautiful dish combines the best of two worlds. Marinated in soy, garlic and sesame its flavor will surely explode in your mouth. Served with an assortment of onions and peppers, this classy dish will surely deliver.
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What Are The Best Side Dishes For My BBQ Party?

Meat is all good and fun, but no barbeque party is complete without a choice of side dishes. Potato salad, coleslaw, fresh salad are all classic choices and you cannot go wrong with them. However these simple additions to your grilled meat are what will make your barbeque a complete experience.

So, if you want to go a bit outside the comfort zone and experiment with side dishes, here are some simple ways to do so.

  • Spicy peach and avocado salad is basically a taste of summer in your mouth. Just add some lemon juice, honey and oil to the bowl of peaches and top it off with avocados, mint and pistachios. This will take you a couple of minutes. After you let the ingredients to sit in their juices for around 40 minutes, you will be ready to taste something wonderful.
  • If you are an adult who enjoys what is good for him a broccoli pasta salad will be something up your alley. Broccoli often gets a bad rep, especially among younger demographics. But when properly prepared and in combination with classical pasta, you will have a sight to behold. This is an extremely easy dish to make and aside from obvious ingredients, requires some oil, vinegar and garlic. You can add other vegetables according to your choice, but cherry tomatoes and basil make a perfect addition.
  • Baked beans are something which is usually welcome on BBQ parties. Give it a slight twist with maple syrup. A combination of sausages, beans, garlic with the sweetness of syrup will prove a wholesome flavor for anyone to enjoy. This is a side dish best served warm and will be especially good if you decide to throw a barbeque during less welcoming seasons.
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And What Desserts Should I Serve For My BBQ Party?

So we all know that no meal is complete without something to sweeten the tooth. And BBQ is not an exception, there are myriads of desserts which will make your feast complete.

Skewers which are mainly associated with meat and vegetables can also provide a perfect mechanism for a dessert. Something as simple as a slightly toasted marshmallow and strawberry kebab will be a fun addition to your event. Just spray some caramel over it and top it off with your favorite biscuits and you will have a dessert ready in a matter of minutes.

While we are on the topic of strawberries why not make a dessert that will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Strawberry yoghurt popsicles are extremely easy to make. All that is required is to cook some fruits, blend it with yoghurt and put it into a freezer. An hour or so later you have a healthy dessert that will perfectly blend with a nice summer evening.

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One of the simplest desserts that you can possibly make is a Mojito Watermelon. Nothing will freshen you up after a heavy dose of meat-based dishes, like a watermelon topped off with lime and mint. For maximum effect, just hold it in a bowl and let is soak with oil and sugar. A Mojito Watermelon will energize and revitalize you in no time.

Food For Large BBQ Parties: Our Summary

Having a barbeque for a large number of people will certainly require a lot of energy put into the preparation of food and even the simplest recipes provided here will need some time to come into fruition.

So this is why it is a good idea to do most of the preparation a day before the event. Do everything what you can a day before your barbeque and you will be able to avoid most of the hustle on the day. But this is the price that is easy to pay when you know how much fun a well-organized barbeque can be.

The Best Food Ideas For A BBQ Party For Large Groups

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