The Best Tips For Making Your BBQ Grill Last Longer Than It Should!

When it comes to finding the perfect BBQ Grill for you – the last thing you want to happen is for it to then rust away, unloved and broken in your backyard. Read on to find out how you can make your BBQ Grill last longer!

BBQ Grill longevity is a hot topic in the professional field. Everyone wants to know how to preserve their grill – particularly if they have just spent a fortune paying for an awesome new grill.

Of course modern BBQ’s are mostly built to last… but there are a few pointers we can give you to preserve it for the better.

How To Make Your BBQ Grill Last!

Our top tip in preserving your BBQ actually starts before you buy it. This tip involves considering the materials that your BBQ grill is made from and whether or not they are hard wearing, durable or long lasting.

Materials used to Make Your BBQ

The materials used in construction will drastically affect the longevity of your grill. If you have chosen to buy a flimsy, cheaper model then you will get what you pay for and might find yourself without a functioning grill next summer. If you go for sturdy every time – you will buy something that lasts longer… but even then there are a few things to look out for.

Stainless steel is an obvious favorite, and the thicker the better. Next to that cast aluminum is not only long-lasting but is also lightweight, so if you are looking at portable BBQ’s opt for the cast aluminum instead. A cast iron BBQ will last forever if you keep the rain away from it and a good sturdy brick BBQ can also last for years.

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Whatever you do, don’t buy anything made from hollow metal or wood… also, drum BBQ’s don’t tend to last unless they have been built by a well named brand. As a general rule, choosing from a top brand like Weber, Traeger, Char-Griller or Char-Broil will ensure a long-lasting grill.

Lockable Lids

This is one safety feature that has the added bonus of making your grill last longer. If you don’t have a cover then that lid is the only thing keeping the rain (and the rust) out of your grill. If it is lockable then it helps in terms of security, too. Plus if it is knocked over when not in use you won’t have a huge mess to clean up.

Warranty Periods

Our second hot tip is to engage in a product with a warranty wherever you possibly can. This will ensure that if anything does go wrong you have a fix. Good warranties will come with replacements if the product cannot be repaired.


Cleaning between uses is the optimal way to preserve the life of your grill. Thoroughly rinsing your grill will make sure that the ash, charcoal and other grease and fats won’t build up around your equipment. Invest in a motorized brush or buy yourself a Grillbot if you want to go high tech.

Alternatively, treat yourself to a good degreaser and a model that features a removal ash pan for optimum efficiency during the cleaning process.

Cleaning your BBQ is especially important because it is an area where you handle raw meat. Raw meat can cause horrible bacteria such as Salmonella which can kill you if it isn’t taken care of.

Clean with an antibacterial wipe between uses to keep things fresh. Additionally, treat your heat proof gloves like you would treat your hands and wash them when switching from handling raw meat to handling cooked meat. Food safety is just as important as good grilling.

As a further thought on cleaning; without it your grill will begin to smoke and smolder. If you notice excessive smoke coming from your grill then you might want to check it for any of that built-up fat. Remember: this isn’t the kind of smoke you want on your food.

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Preserving your BBQ Grill with Accessories

Should your warranty not be enough for you – or if you have already purchased a grill without one – then let’s talk about what sort of accessories you can buy that will help you keep your grill safe and secure, as well as protected from the rain, all year long.

The BBQ Grill Cover

A great way to keep your BBQ safe from the elements is to invest in a good cover. The thicker and more rain-proof, the better. You can browse some on Amazon by following this link. As you can see there are all shapes and sizes to choose from.

You may not necessarily need to buy the one that specifically matches your grill. Some come with pockets for extra storage and the best come with straps or Velcro ties so that they don’t blow away during tornado season.

For the best impact on your grill make sure that you buy a waterproof cover… even throwing an old tarp over it is better than nothing. A piece of plastic might work unless it makes contact with the hot metal just after storing.

The best covers are flame-proof, water proof, thick and heavy and durable. These covers tend to last a long time and will protect your investment for years to come.

The Motorized Grill Brush

A cheaper alternative to Grillbot, the motorized grill brush will make removing that tough charring a cinch and will therefore preserve the life of your grill. Not only that but you will gain better flavor and texture to your foods if you keep that grill clean.

Charcoal grills and wood burning stoves are particularly prone to become built up with a mixture of grease and ash that is difficult to remove using wire wool. The brush we pointed out above is particularly effective because it features a steam cleaning capability that will make life much easier after a heavy cooking session.

Remember to take the frill plates out to scrub them for best effect.

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The Grill Light

A good BBQ grill light will help you to see what you are doing and make it much less likely for you to accidentally knock it over in the dark. Sometimes the charcoal hasn’t whitened after sundown – and sometimes you want to BBQ after dark – well the BBQ grill light will let you do this without risk of bumping into things in the dark.

It is safer, will preserve your grill life by minimizing damage and will even help you cook better at night… it’s always easier when you can read the meat thermometer!

A Grill Mat

Many new BBQ’s have shelving space on either side of the grill area for you to prepare food, store knives and boards on and chop on. Grill mats are a heat resistant, non-stick, non-slip way to ensure that those knives don’t fall off, that the surfaces are protected and that the food doesn’t slip off the side.

They are a great way to safely utilize that space while simultaneously protecting your work surfaces and keeping them good as new!

Make your Grill Last Longer with Regular Maintenance!

As well as cleaning, taking out protection via warranty and adding a few accessories aimed at keeping your BBQ grill good for longer; you can also take part in some regular maintenance to make sure that your grill is kept in good working order for years to come.

Maintenance checks are important if you have a gas or electric grill. These should be checked every few years just to make sure there are no leaks or efficiency issues. They should also be carried out by a trained technician – and not by a friend of a friend who thinks he/she knows what they are talking about.

The best maintenance team you will find will be that supplied by your manufacturer. These technicians know their own brands best and can be relied upon to do a good job. Also, some warranties require you to have repairs or maintenance done through their own technicians for your policy to remain valid, so always check the details to know where you stand.

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But Don’t forget about Storage!

Properly storing your grill away during the months that it is not in use is the best way to preserve the life of your BBQ grill. Properly storing it away during winter will protect it from the worst of the elements. A good cover can only go so far if a hurricane hits!

To stop yourself having to thaw your BBQ out come springtime make sure you lock it down in the tough seasons. If you live in a tornado hotspot then consider storing it away between uses on a regular basis.

Or Security!

Security is something that we often take for granted, especially when items are left within the sacred boundaries of our own property. If you leave something in the backyard, you expect it to still be there when you return. Sadly, this is not always the case.

One of the key points to take into consideration when you leave your BBQ locked up for the night is whether or not it looks inviting to thieves.

Of course backyard security such as Closed Circuit Television will help to deter thieves, in our experience we have found that a simple laminated note on the gate informing anyone entering your property that CCTV is in operation should be enough to make thieves look for easier pickings.

As we mentioned above you can have a lockable lid for your BBQ that will prevent prying hands easily opening your grill if you don’t want them to, and act as a further deterrent to any roaming criminals. A cover helps with security because it hides the BBQ from passing eyes.

The best way to keep your BBQ secure is to store it away between uses but we appreciate that bigger grills are more difficult to store. In this instance, a cover followed by an old, worn tarp might help to conceal your investment from the public. Out of sight means out of mind, even when it comes to your grill.

Treating Your BBQ Grill Well

Treating your BBQ grill well involves a mixture of keeping it clean and tidy, ensuring you take out a warranty wherever possible, securely storing it away against wind and rain and properly maintaining it whenever something goes wrong.

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Additionally, you can purchase other features, add-ons and accessories which will ultimately work together to culminate in a long lasting BBQ grill.

Of course when we focus on indoor BBQ Grills and electric models in particular the rules change somewhat. You must always keep these clean and keep the wiring in good working order. Keep the wiring away from the cooking surface at all times and contact the manufacturer if it is faulty.

The good news is that electrical BBQ grills tend to be the most covered by warranties. You can also add products to them to make up for the lack of authentic smokey flavoring.

Be wary of any coatings applied to your grill that are not fire proof. This includes paint or certain cooking sprays. Some of them contain alcohol which is likely to spark a fire.

Also when using an Ugly Drum Smoker (a hand made or DIY one) any fumes that were on the drum will be in your food… so be careful to thoroughly clean any DIY BBQ before you use it to remove the chemicals, brick dust or fragments of metal.

Treating your BBQ well also means observing the rules of food safety. Once your BBQ has become contaminated with bacteria that will spread food poisoning you will lock the grill away and never want to use it again.

If you want to have BBQ parties that people remember for all the right reasons, instead of all the wrong ones, then you need to focus on food health and safety. Ensure everything is thoroughly cooked through to the center and always employ a meat thermometer when in doubt.

It is for this reason that most modern BBQ’s come with a thermometer or temperature gauge somewhere withing the structure.

Further Information

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We are a treasure trove of grilling information for everything from campfire to professional BBQ. If you want to learn then get reading… we have all sorts of tips and tricks to bring your BBQ game up to perfection!

The Best Tips For Making Your BBQ Grill Last Longer Than It Should!

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