The Best Korean BBQ Restaurants in Las Vegas

These are the best Korean BBQ restaurants in Las Vegas:

  1. Captain6 Korean BBQ
  2. Hwaro
  3. Gangnam Asian BBQ Dining
  4. Goong Korean BBQ
  5. Master Kim’s Korean BBQ
  6. Hobak Korean BBQ
  7. Gen Korean BBQ House
  8. 888 Korean BBQ
  9. Sura BBQ Buffet
  10. Tofu Hut

Trips to Las Vegas are all about having fun, spending money, and treating yourself in ways you wouldn’t back home. Eating is a big part of your weekend in Sin City, and there’s everything here from fancy fine-dining restaurants to endless buffets. 

As long as there’s people looking to party, there will be Korean BBQ restaurants; grilled meat and good times are synonyms. 

These are our favorite All You Can Eat and a la carte Korean BBQ restaurants in Las Vegas, so browse around and write some down before your big weekend in Vegas; you’ll have the time of your life.

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Best Korean BBQ restaurants in Las Vegas
What’s not to love about Korean BBQ?

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Captain6 Korean BBQ

This place opened in 2019, and it’s promising. Their premium all you can eat concept is no joke: Dry-aged New York steak is the crown’s jewel, but the beef belly, short rib, brisket, they’re all thick and juicy.

A unique sauce collection that includes garlic ponzu, Louisiana sauce, and kalbi teriyaki sauce is a great addition to the menu.

The crowd is youthful and the music good, this is an easygoing place to start an evening of clubbing.

5416 Spring Mountain Rd


The decor here is over the top, like everything else in Las Vegas; it’s still classy, though, like a TV set inspired in the streets of Seoul.

Try some of everything, don’t be afraid of the beef tongue, or the tripe, they’re delicious. More common dishes like short ribs and flank steak are insanely good too. Whatever you do, don’t leave without trying the Garlic Jalapeno Beef Belly, really guys?

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This place opens until late, and it’s packed after midnight.

5030 Spring Mountain Rd

Gangnam Asian BBQ Dining

This place is more of a hot pot of Asian cuisines, but it’s ok. Shabu-shabu, from Japanese BBQ, is just as good as your regular Korean grilled meat. Rather small, compared with other restaurants in the city, this place has an intimate feel. 

The Gangnam package is plentiful, it’s made of Korean prime kalbi, filet mignon, bulgogi, and a wide array of starters from fried calamari to fresh oysters. 

The Premium package has Kobe style beef, scallops, shrimp, and lots more. 

4480 Paradise Rd

Goong Korean BBQ

Goong is relatively new. Established in 2016, Goong focuses on quality rather than quantity, although portions aren’t small at all! 

The restaurant has a modern feel but has authentic Asian traditions like low tables and sitting mats. 

Start with a good selection of bibimbap, perhaps a soup dumpling for a second course, but save room for the main because the meat is extraordinary.

The Marinated Meat Platter, with short ribs, pork ribs, and chicken is filling and tasty. The Wagyu Platter is in another league.

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7729 S Rainbow Rd

Master Kim’s Korean BBQ

Comfortable, private booths in an elegant setting are the perfect scenario for the dishes that come out of the kitchen, and they come out fast, the delivery system used to order is high tech.

The beef here comes from Black Angus cows, pork is prime-quality too, and there’s even pretty good seafood. This all you can eat BBQ is one of the best values in town. 

7036 Durango Dr

Hobak Korean BBQ

Hobak is laid back and casual, energetic, and fast-paced. An all you can eat charcoal-grilled Korean BBQ excelling on both quality and quantity, you heard that right. They pull it off thanks to their short but tasty menu.

The Hobak Special Combo includes grilled wagyu bulgogi, skirt steak, false lean, marinated pork cheek, and a lovely aligot fondue. It easily feeds four.

The restaurant is perfect for drinks and dinner on weekends.

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5808 Spring Mountain Rd

Gen Korean BBQ House

You already know the reliable all you can eat menu at Gen’s. They have locations all around the country. The Vegas restaurants are as good as any, perhaps better!

Beef or Pork cuts here always deliver. Bulgogi, beef belly, Hawaiian steak, tongue, pork belly; all the classics, well executed. 

The service is attentive, and the crowds are young. This is a fantastic place for a good time with friends.

1300 W Sunset Rd

888 Korean BBQ

All you can eat with Kobe beef, Kurobuta pork, and lots of sides to choose from, 888 is hip, quality-oriented, and generous with its portions.

This restaurant opened recently, in 2018, but it comes in full force. Enjoy Kobe brisket, fatty ribs, and plain bulgogi. There’s Black Angus too. There are even special dishes to cater to vegetarian diets. 

You can’t miss this place, look for the neon 888 sign.

4215 Spring Mountain Rd

Sura BBQ Buffet

Now for a quitter spot, Sura BBQ is a local’s favorite, and although it’s not as flashy as other places in Vegas, food is not just good, it’s outstanding.

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Choose your meat from pork and beef options, then let the cooks prep it and marinate it; grill it yourself. 

The salad bar and the side dishes are plentiful and fair. This is the kind of place to have a nice lunch on a weeknight with a close friend.

4480 W Spring Mountain Rd

Tofu Hut

Good food in a pleasant quiet place. Like Korean restaurants used to be before all the hype. 

A 90-minute limit, all you can eat based on a short but solid menu of perfectly fine food. Of course, tofu here is the star of the show.

Sliced rib eye, boneless short rib, thinly sliced brisket, tongue, and tripe make the beef section of the menu. Pork belly and sausage are your pork options. A few chicken and seafood dishes complete the perfectly balanced menu.

3920 Spring Mountain Rd

Remember meat lovers:

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and that applies for Korean BBQ too, so dig in without remorse. You won’t find flashier, more exuberant, and legitimate Korean food anywhere else in the state.

The strip has something for everyone, and if it’s meat what you’re in to, then treat yourself with a meal of a lifetime, Korean style. 

Remember to comment below and tell us if we missed your favorite spot!

The Best Korean BBQ Restaurants in Las Vegas

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