The Best Korean BBQ restaurants in Los Angeles

These are the best Korean BBQ restaurants in Los Angeles:

  1. Gwang Yang BBQ
  2. Kang Ho-Dong Baekjeong
  3. Magal BBQ
  4. Quarters
  5. Honey Pig
  6. Chosun Galbee
  7. Soowon Galbi
  8. The Corner Place
  9. Park’s BBQ
  10. Oo Kook Korean BBQ

Los Angeles has some of the most diverse populations in the country; it’s like a little Disneyland’s “it’s a small world.”

There are more Koreans in Los Angeles than in any other city in America. Actually, California has the second largest population of Koreans outside Korea, and that’s a big deal.

Korean food here is at its finest, from small dining rooms to extravagant, posh restaurants. Here are our favorite Korean barbecue restaurants in Los Angeles – and trust us, this one was a tough one. 

Visit the following Korean BBQ restaurants in Los Angeles and pick your favorite, don’t forget to comment below and tell us if we missed your favorite spot!

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The Best Korean BBQ Restaurants in Las Vegas
Best Korean BBQ Restaurants in Los Angeles
Los Angeles – home of some really good Korean BBQ restaurants.

Gwang Yang BBQ

This exciting restaurant is run by the third generation of Korean-American restauranteurs. They have locations in Seoul too, so this is as legitimate as it gets. 

The good folks of Gwang Yang are not afraid of doing things a little different from the competition. Their short ribs or Prime Saeng-Galbi are served in thick cuts, instead of the traditional thin slices, this makes them juicer and more flavorful. Their bulgogi comes from American Kobe cattle, so you know there’s quality here. 

3435 Wilshire Blvd 123

Kang Ho-Dong Baekjeong

With high ceilings, an industrial feel, and Korean cartoon characters on the walls, this place has a modern feel, but the food here is trustworthy. Perhaps that’s why it’s often crowded. 

Beef or pork barbecues, they master both. Order a beef or a pork combo to try the different specialties here; both come with the classic side dishes you can’t get enough of. With a few locations on the East Coast, Kang Ho-Dong is going strong.

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3465 W 6th St

Magal BBQ

Established in 2015, this newcomer has caught the city’s meat lovers’ attention. It has many locations in Korea and is now well established in the States. The modern restaurant with brightly colored lights is urban and young. Food, on the other hand, is textbook. 

Ask for the super complete Signature Combo: boneless short ribs, marinated meat, pork belly, thin brisket, and more; trays of delicious meat ready to hit your grill. Cold noodles are on the house!

3460 8th St


Many locals consider Quarters as the best Korean BBQ restaurant in town. Big-screen TVs, dim lights, a huge, well-stocked bar, a complete sake and wine list, Quarters has its act together since its opening in 2014.

Grill on the tables is primitive; backyardy even, perfect for a Large Combo to share. Korean tapas are a highlight too: sesame chicken, Korean nachos, or a back-rib fondue are great ways to start the evening. 

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3465 W 6th St

Honey Pig

A beautiful, slick Korean BBQ place with a contemporary feel and a playful tone in the heart of Koreatown. The restaurant serves grill-your-own prime beef cuts and pork meat along with other specials like noodles and kimchi fried rice. Remember to order the pork combo, it’s the house specialty. 

Every table is equipped with a cauldron lid-shaped traditional grill pan that cooks differently than on a grill over a direct fire; meat is juicier as the pan cooks the meat quietly.

3400 W 8th St

Chosun Galbee

This is a formal restaurant with a five-star service, high-end furniture, and a modern, designer decor; even the table grills are fancy!

The Coshun Galbee Prime Combo is the way to go and it feeds up to six people. Overall, Korean food is very well represented. Think of this place as the best Korean BBQ restaurant to take your in-laws: a quiet, elegant place to eat authentic, well-crafted Korean food. 

3330 W Olympic Blvd

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Soowon Galbi

If you prefer galbi over bulgogi, this is the place to go. Galbi, marinated beef short ribs, are the house specialty. The small diner is cozy and familiar, there’s nothing flashy here, just good grilled meat and homemade sides.

Noodles, bibimbap, and a great priced lunch are all worth your time, but the tabletop BBQ, especially the Soowon Wang Galbi Special, is worthy of a detour. It comes with USDA premium Black Angus bone-in short ribs marinated for 48 hours in a secret sauce. 

856 S Vermont Ave

The Corner Place

This is a simple family-oriented dinner. There’s nothing special to see here, except that it’s packed with Koreans! Come for original, well-priced, straightforward Korean grilled meat. Not all the tables have a tabletop grill, so arrive early. 

A medium-sized menu of over 20 items represent the best of Korean food and grilled meat traditions. galbi, rib eye, bulgogi, beer shank, this place offers the classics and then some. Try the Ghilmok Gui (boneless short rib;) the house special. 

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2819 James M Wood Blvd

Park’s BBQ

Established in 2003, Park’s BBQ has established itself as one of the most reliable Korean restaurants in town. USDA prime and Kobe style beef is all you need to hear to know that this restaurant knows it’s stuff. The Korean BBQ short ribs are extraordinary but don’t leave without trying their beef soup. 

The beautiful restaurant is a cross between an elegant restaurant and a loud family diner; the ambiance is energetic. 

955 S Vermont Ave

Oo Kook Korean BBQ

The Korean decor here is evocative. A dim-lit narrow restaurant with wooden panels fills authentic as you walk through the door. This all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ includes short rib. The miso pork belly, the duck breast, and the Black Angus marinated meat are spectacular, but don’t miss the American Kobe meat in all its variations; it melts in your mouth.

3385 W 8th St

Now remember:

Get excited! Try something different. If you like meat, you’ll fall in love with Korean food, and it’s not just the meat, try the addictive side dishes. Kimchi, the seasoned spinach, the cucumber salad, the stir-fried zucchini, it’s all wonderful.

Korean barbecue is all about sharing, so make sure you bring the right people to your quest for the best Korean BBQ restaurant in Los Angeles.

The Best Korean BBQ restaurants in Los Angeles

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